Whole Diet CSA

The Charm Farm whole diet CSA is year-long, buffet style access to a vast array of foodstuffs produced here on the farm. The shares consist of vegetables, various meats, dry goods, eggs, fruit, fresh bread and many more items. Utilizing storage vegetables and fruit, as well as putting food by, these items are available year around with an emphasis on seasonal eating.

Membership for the CSA is open year-round. The rate is $100/month for the first adult in a household, each additional adult is $50/month. Payment can be made monthly or quarterly.  This rate includes buffet-style seasonal, certified organic vegetables and fruit, eggs, dry goods and bread on bread day(second week of each month).  Meats, maple syrup, coffee and olive oil are available as a la carte every week.  These items are  added to a tab to be paid on a monthly basis.  There is a $100 a la carte deposit for new members that rolls over until it is expended.

CSA pick up is every Wednesday from 4:30 pm to 7 pm here on the farm. Feel free to contact Mike with any further questions.